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What to put on your baby shower wish list in 2021

22 February 2021

Creating a wishlist is a sensible way to ensure you’ve got all the newborn essentials for your 2021 baby and don’t receive the same baby shower gift several times in a row! We’ve compiled our favourite gifts to add to your baby wishlist. Check out our recommendations for your virtual baby shower wish list in 2021…

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are one of the few baby shower gifts that you can never get enough of! You’ll likely need quite a few in the early weeks since they’re multi-purpose. Swaddling your newborn can help them feel snug as it replicates the feeling of them being in the womb. They are one of the most multi-functional products, doubling up as great breastfeeding covers, providing shade from the sun in your pram and even as a cover-up at the breach. You might want to swap traditional swaddle blankets for something bolder, such as this rainbow print Miilk Muslin Swaddle Blanket.


Although most babies don’t get their first tooth until they’re six months old, some start teething much earlier so teethers are always a good idea to have to hand. Many newborns love the feel of a comforter, so Neutral Baby Co’s muslin comforter and teether set make the perfect gift and are a must have for your virtual baby shower wish list; with their matching prints and sturdy wooden teethers. Alternatively, make a style statement by adding a teething necklace to your baby wishlist. These bold, chunky beads (such as the ones featured in this stylish teething necklace by East London Baby Co) are made from food-grade non-toxic silicone which little ones love to chomp on!

Sensory Toys

Engaging in sensory play with your newborn is a great way to build a strong mother-baby bond and help them develop their social and play skills. Even in the early weeks, newborns can engage in play therefore you might consider asking for a play gym for your nursery. Swap the usual over-the-top colourful and musical extravaganzas filled with plastic for simple, modernistic and minimalist designs. These wooden play gyms are made from 100% natural wood and you can even add wooden sensory toys to stimulate your newborn’s sense and motor skills. Another great sensory toy is this handmade rainbow wooden ring; its vibrant colours will mesmerise your baby!

Pampering products

Being pregnant in lockdown has been no easy feat! Don’t forget to add some gift items for yourself to your baby wishlist too! Having a range of pregnancy-safe beauty products are ideal for encouraging self-care and rest, especially in your final trimester. Things like facial mists are really handy when in labour and extra-hydrating moisture creams are soothing for postpartum skin which can be dry and flaky. We also encourage you to relax in a warm soothing bath and take time for yourself before the baby arrives.

A long-lasting playmat

Playmats are a must-purchase that will grow with your baby. Even when your newborn is non-mobile, a playmat is the perfect space for your baby to practice rolling and playing. When they reach the crawling stage, playmats are great for messy play. We love Little Stories Reversible Playmats: they’re machine-washable; can be used to store toys and also can be easily folded down when not in use. Their gender-neutral designs such as this minimalistic black and white print play mat are both practical and stylish.

Food glorious food!

Ask any new mum one thing they’d love to be gifted and the answer is always the same: food! If you feel you’ve got everything you need for the little one, asking for gifts to stock up your freezer before your due date is a great idea. This might involve home-cooked meals made with love or vouchers for ready meals or recipe boxes. It’s hugely important to nurture yourself in those early months so take the stress out of meal planning with this gift option. Why not treat yourself to a couple of healthy meal boxes from COOK?

Sleeping Bags

You’ve probably already got plenty of babygrows but don’t forget sleeping bags too. Duvets are not recommended until your baby is at least one year old and blankets aren’t ideal for babies who toss and turn in their sleep. The solution are sleeping bags which help keep your baby comfortable and cosy. The tog you’ll need depends on the time of year. A 2.5 tog sleeping bag is ideal for most of the year (such as this Bizzi Growin 100% Cotton Sleeping Bag which comes in sizes 0-6 or 12-18 months) but for summer months, having a 0.5 tog alternative is ideal to ensure your little one doesn’t get too warm (check out this Bizzi Growin Muslin Sleeping Bag).

Travel Essentials

Although you might not be venturing far with your newborn baby immediately, you’ll learn that getting out the house with one does take some practice. If you have future plans for a holiday or even a trip to the baby’s grandparents, asking for some baby travel essentials is a really good idea. The RucPOD is an ingenious gift idea: made from vegan leather, this gorgeous changing bag folds out into a travel cot and changing mat. As well as a changing bag, a portable steriliser and lightweight foldable buggy are also great travel essentials. 

Cleaning Spray and Hand Sanitiser

Not the most glamorous of baby gifts but certainly a sensible one in the current times. One of the most useful products with a new baby is sanitiser sprays; to help mop up spills and wipe sticky fingers! These are perfect to have in your changing bag too to quickly clean dummies and teethers whilst on-the-go! Since we’re washing our hands so much at the moment, this cleaning spray and hand sanitiser bundle is perfect and, most importantly, baby-safe.  Always look for cleaning sprays that are alcohol-free and specifically designed to be used on baby products.

We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration to get started with your virtual baby shower wish list. Let us know which items you’ve added in the comments below.

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